Term 1: Finale

Finally, we have reached the Finale of Sec 3, Term 1.

Honestly, to me, looking back today, I realized Term 1 just flew by. Sometimes, in Term 1, I wonder why time passed so slow, with so many mountains of undoable projects and homework. Today, I realize I somehow did it. Yay, I guess. But, Term 1 had honestly woke me up. I learnt a few things in Term 1, which I would hopefully improve in Term 2.

1. Consistency is not an option. It is an obligation.
In Sec 3, I realized I’d lose out if I don’t revise my work consistently. It’s just really hard to keep track of all the subject content. AND IT’S JUST TERM 1.

2. Being passionate about my work is vital.
No passion -> No effort -> No results -> No sense of accomplishment.

3. Time to let go.
Time to focus on the main things I have to complete. If people or events are pulling me down or holding me back, I have to let it go.

4. Time Management is vital.
But before I can plan my time, I need to stop procrastinating.

5. Discipline is the ignition to the engine.
I can’t do any of the above things without discipline. As I mature in Sec 3, I hope to have more discipline and focus on the things that has to be done.

I have reflected on my mistakes and improvements from Sec 3 Term 1.

Hopefully, through this holidays, I manage to plan my time, so as to balance play and catch up on my work.


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