Mass Swim 2014

I realized, as we grow older, the reluctance to swim in Mass Swim increases a bit. “It takes up too much time”, “I have stuff to do”, “this is a waste of time” etc…

Anyway, here we are again, for Mass Swim 2014. :l.
This year, we went to Bishan Swimming Complex. Unfortunately, our pool was 40m in length, hence we had to do 13 laps for BRONZE, 19 laps for SILVER and 24 laps for GOLD. Which was of course, for an unfit guy like me, impossible.

24 laps? In 45 minutes? Not very probable…
Personally, I feel time is wasted through queuing to enter the pool, rather than actually swim the laps. And, since the pool was only 1.0m deep, as time passed, people started walking to the end, and that was considered a lap.

I was quite disappointed to get Bronze this year, despite swimming 17 laps in 45 minutes. For the past 2 years, I managed to get 2 golds by swimming 16 laps each time. I beat my record, but only got a bronze this year.


But, nevertheless I might get all 3 medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze for all my Mass Swims in SJI.
:D , I guess.

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